Audit Support

In 10 years of business, Thompson Gray has emerged as a proven industry leader in support of Army Audit Readiness and Remediation efforts, evidenced by our support of 5 Commands and 12 PMs, acting as liaison between commands & ASA ALT/OASA (FM&C).

In 2017 alone, we managed a total of 789 audit packages, 72% of which were created by our Audit Analysts. While continuously supporting Army Audit efforts, our analysts have developed audit trackers, best practices, and central repositories for storing Key Supporting Documentation (KSD).

With audit teams functioning throughout multiple Army Commands, we manage the coordination of audit testing from a variety of agencies including:
  • Army Audit Agency (AAA)
  • Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management & Comptroller (OASA FM&C)
  • Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA ALT)
  • Independent Audit Agencies
Our Additional Audit Services include audit readiness support and management of Joint Reconciliation Programs (JRP) through:
  • Development of audit prep checklists and Corrective Action Plans (CAP)
  • Support OACSIM’s audit prep data clean-up & validation processes
  • Compilation & analysis of audit packages for accuracy and compliance against Army Department of Defense (DoD) regulations and Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) guidance
  • Response preparation for Notices of Findings and Recommendations (NFRs)
  • Continuous review of recorded transactions for validity, including accounts payable and receivable, new and unpaid obligations, and open commitments.

Our analysts are experienced in the development of internal audit work plans to help identify control gaps and opportunities for improvement by assessing existing internal policies and providing continuous improvement of audit documents, training materials, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).