Public Works

Thompson Gray BPM systems are run through SAP and ERP software, which allows us to maintain optimal resource management and financial systems support to our clients.

Thompson Gray has broad and deep experience performing tasks such as authoring sections of Property, Plant and Equipment (PP&E) Power User program and training hundreds of government civilians and uniformed military personnel on their role as a property manager utilizing an ERP.

In addition, our DART is a “GFEBS Viewer” developed to support reporting and work optimization for Army Directorates of Public Works. This support helps standardize data entry and business practices, as well as establish data integration, and embed systematic and integrated quality assurance. Our systems also create reports for stakeholders that integrate GFEBS and outside data sources.

Our employees have performed analyses on Army real property business processes and system transactions and have developed and delivered the Train-the-Trainer program for over 63 trainers. We have expertise in Project System, Plant Maintenance (the functional SAP model that manages ‘equipment’) and Finance-Asset Accounting (Equipment and Assets), a critical module in asset valuation and inventory. These specialized modules support the creation of a business case analysis as well as asset valuation for multiple types of capital assets.

We have trained other users as well as performing business case analysis tasks in:

  • Funds Management
  • Reimbursables
  • Spending Chain
  • Government Purchase Card
  • Project System
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Real Property
  • Equipment and Assets
  • Process Integration
  • ECC and Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting
  • Intermediate document (iDoc) Error Resolution
  • Interfaces between property management records and the national level inventory control ERP

Our expertise with the Real Property module of an ERP has enabled us to perform tasks related to the acquisition or disposal of real estate, management of the real estate portfolio itself, property and technical management as well as support processes like management accounting and reporting. We have performed demonstrated expertise in these areas for multiple customers, including US Army Installation Management Command and multiple Directorates of Public Works across the Army.