Robotic Process Automation

By creating powerful and automated processes, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can consolidate thousands of repetitive and time-consuming tasks by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, eliminating repetition, and automating back office activity.

Thompson Gray has proven experience in core RPA capabilities, from brainstorming initial automation ideas with our clients to maintaining fully-sustained, centrally-controlled operations with multiple robots running numerous automations. Using industry delivery models, we collaborate closely with clients to both establish a governance model to oversee the demand management of automation requests, and to implement a standardized process to move the automation request from review and approval through robot design, development, testing, production, and sustainment.

Our analysts work with various process owners to transition the current manual and time-consuming processes into keystroke-level documentation that our developers then draw upon to create the automations using leading RPA vendor software. Together, analysts and developers incorporate industry “best-practices” in developing automations, maintaining robot software versions using a source code repository, complying with clients’ unique IT and security requirements, and instituting segregation of duties (SOD) to fulfill clients’ risk management and internal controls policies.